Convention Contact Cards

Hey there! Are you attending one of the 24 “Love Never Fails” International Conventions this year? Come work with me and I can make your contact cards for a special rate (as low as $25)! 😄

Check out some examples:

The above are just examples – you can have it your way! Contact cards will be in either standard US Business Card format (2×3.5″) or A6 format (4×6″). Tell me which format you would like and how many from the list below:

Standard 2 x 3.5″Postcard 4 x 6″
100 cards$25$25
250 cards$30$35
500 cards$45$45
1000 cards$50$55

When considering contact cards, please be ready to share the following:

  • Name/ Name of Family
  • Special message/ your photo
  • City you are from + City you are headed to
  • Congregation
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Color scheme or overall theme (i.e. tropical, western, etc)

⇢ For rounded corners, a flat fee of $5 will be added to the invoice.
⇢ Please order your cards at least two weeks prior to convention to avoid any order delays.
⇢ Orders will be shipped directly to you via UPS. A tracking number will be provided after shipping.

Convention season has arrived! Let me know when you need your contact cards as soon as you order. Contact me today!

Need a convention notebook? Click here for a digital download!