Love Never Fails Convention Notebook – Blue Floral

Love Never Fails Blue Floral NotebookLove to write notes during the regional convention? Here’s your chance to have a digital book customized for the 2019 “Love Never Fails!” convention! Features 75 pages, with program schedules, narrow-ruled note pages, and even a section to highlight your favorite points from the weekend!

5.5″ x 8.5″ pages
75 pages (including covers)

How to Use:
⇢ Purchase the book by clicking the link below
⇢ Immediately after buying, you will receive a link to download
⇢ Print it on your printer in PDF book format or…
⇢ Let your local printer use the file to print and bind as a book for you!


Have any questions? Click here to contact me!

Have fun! 🎉


Denise Graphiste is a senior graphic designer based out of Philadelphia, Pa. Full of love for colors, typography, quotes and print design, she enjoys helping small businesses and individuals shine their ideas to everyone.