Hello Everyone!


Welcome to the blog! I hope to post many creative things that will help you – whether it’s a new weekend craft project or new ways to promote your business. For now, here are a few fun facts about me in bullet points. 😂

A few fun facts:

  • “Graphiste” means graphic designer in French.
  • I’m not French but I love the language!
  • Print design is probably my favorite design.
  • I really like the power of Post-It Notes.
  • I love bright colors, especially if mixed well with others.
  • I was named after a TV character (from The Cosby Show)
  • I love emojis. I’ll try to contain myself here. 😆
  • I am a DIY crafter at heart since… forever!
  • I ❤️ typography.
  • I’m one of those crazy Philly sports fans (Go Eagles! Go Sixers!)

More posts to come! Hope you enjoy it!


Denise Graphiste is a senior graphic designer based out of Philadelphia, Pa. Full of love for colors, typography, quotes and print design, she enjoys helping small businesses and individuals shine their ideas to everyone.

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